LUNA Gift Guide

With less than a week before Christmas, we thought we would created a little gift guide to help you choose great presents for the ones you love. The guide contains a lot of the products we are lucky to be using in the team and that we think would make great gifts for the adventurer in your life. 

Happy holidays everyone! 

Gifts under 100$ -

Prana – Kara Jeans. They are the perfect pants for travelling. These jeans are my favorite; they make you look classy, but they are also extremely comfortable. So much so that they make you feel like you are wearing a pyjama.

Prana ECOYoga mat. The cyclist in your life will love having a good, comfy yoga mat to do his stretching and yoga sessions. In the LUNA team, we always travel with our Prana yoga mats. Plus, they fit well in the bike bag.

CamelBak – You can hide a couple of snacks, some tools and a lot of water in those light and comfortable bags for your longer mountain bike adventures. 

CamelBak bottles – THE bottle you need for travelling. It has a locking twist cap that prevents spilling water in your bag in the plane. Perfect for the clumsy (and the not so clumsy) one in your life! 

CamelBak - Hello Cross! Katerina's favourite Travelling coffee/tea mug. prepare your hot drink at home and drink it still pipping hot after your race! It keeps your drink hot for 6 hours doesn't spill and never break or crack when you drop it. 

Giro – Helmet, gloves, clothing? You have the choice at, because all the products are awesome. But on the team, we really love the LA DND Gloves for women and the Rivet gloves (the Rivet is not yet available for women, but it will fit you if you don’t have tiny hands like mine. The fabric is a little lighter than on the LA DND)

Clif Bar – What about a little package with a selection of our favorite sport nutrtion’s products? Here’s what I think would make an awesome and delicious gift:

·      Kit’s Organic Chocolate Walnut

·      Organic Trail mix – Cranberry and Chocolate

·      Z-Fruit Mixed Berries

·      Bloks Fruit Punch

·      Double Espresso Gel (with caffeine) or Lime Gel (no Caffeine)

·      Lemon Lime Clif Juice (That’s the one we always use in the races)

·      Clif Chocolate recovery powder (Delicious when you drink it cold or warm after a cold ride)

EVOC – EVOC toilet bag. I use it all the time when I travel and it is great. It has a lot of compartments and is spacious enough to put all the products you need.

Sock Guy – Visit their website and choose from their enormous selection of original socks designs. In my opinion, you never have enough socks. These days, I love their wool socks for fall and winter riding. 

Travel bowl and wooden utensils – It is not a team sponsor, but on our team we all travel with these bowls. The bowl is compact because it collapses on itself and provides a re-useable bowl for your usual snack/lunch on the road. Combine it with a set of Wooden reusable utensil and you are good to go!

CX Fever T-shirt - Offer a unique CX Fever (Dancing Pimento edition) to your favorite "cyclocrosser". It is my favorite t-shirt of all time. Of course, I am biased, because it is the only t-shirt I created myself... BUT, honestly, it is very soft and comfy and it will definitely make you happy to see the pimento and it will never fail to make you want to ride your bike!

Just contact me if you want your shirt! 

Gifts over 100$

Capo – If you live in a cold place, but still like to ride outside, the Padrone Roubaix Long bib tights from Capo is what you need. It is warm, comfortable and will last long. I live in Quebec and used it a lot this fall/winter. It is my favorite cycling equipment EVER.

Capo - Katerina's new favourite riding jacket. Super light fabric, comfortable and super cute! If Katerina says it, trust her. She has taste! 

Capo - Katerina's Pick : Very comfortable women’s specific bib shorts. Great for winter riding where bibs almost work like a base layer.

EVOC bike bag – Make your traveller friend happy and offer him the opportunity to pack his bike easily without having to run after the bike shop to get a cardboard bike box. EVOC bags are good for MTB and Road bikes and make packing your bike quick and easy.

Oakley – A new pair of sunglasses always make a great gift. Offering the new Radar EV with the Prizm lens is sure to bring a smile on your loved ones faces!

Fox – Fox Digital pump is a great tool to know what pressure is in your fork and make sure you use your suspension to its full potential.  

Giro – The Synthe Helmet is amazingly comfortable and looks nice, too.

Shimano – Your loved ones like Eduro riding? Maybe you’d like to offer him a better contact area in his feet by getting him the Shimano Trail pedals.

Maxxis – Try the new Pace tire for dry and fast conditions. Or visit Maxxis website and look at which one of their large selections of tires could fit your needs and styles of riding.

Pedros – The Burrito tool roll starter kit comes with all the tools you need to do the basic work on your bike. It is also the perfect size for travelling.

Kicker – Kicker make awesome earbuds or headphones for your training or race warm-up. The sound is great and they have a little controller on the wire so you can easily switch the songs while you ride.

We hope this little guide helped you make your favorite cyclists happy, but remember that a ride with yourself in your favorite location will always be one of the best thing to offer the one you love. However, these items can definitely help make that said ride just a touch better! :) 

We hope you will have great Holidays with your friends and family! 

- From the whole crew at LUNA