We are the future

That whole "Back to the future day" got me daydreaming a lot. How awesome is it that we are the future?! That the future is now?! I just can't wrap my head around the idea. 

1985 was 30 years ago. Back when I was minus 8 years old and probably not even in my parent's mind. Back when a ticket to the Movies only cost 2.75$, when my dad had hair, when Bob Dylan was at the top of the charts, when Google didn't event exist and couldn't provide me with all these facts about 1985. 

Some of the things the movie predicted came true and some others, not so much. But it got me thinking,what is 2045 going to be like? What am I going to be doing in 2045? I don't even know about 2016 yet,  so it's a bit hard to imagine what 30 years from now will look like. Most importantly, how will the actions I am taking now influence mine and my surrounding's future? 

I'll be 52 years old. I'll probably have a kid or two and hopefully I will have a house by then. I guess I will still be riding bikes, but I probably won't be racing anymore, so I'll need to have a job. Since I like cooking and building/creating stuff, my massage therapist always tells me that one day, I'll be like Martha Stewart. So let's go with that hypothesis. I guess that could be a fun second career... Cooking recipes on TV, chit-chatting with celebrities that join me to create special homemade Christmas gifts with wood or old bicycle tubes sounds good to me! Except, are TVs going to be around anymore? 

New idea: I'll have a Martha Stewart flying food truck and will go to cycling events to cook food for the racers and spectators, while selling homemade wooden utensils (or something else) in a pouch made out of a "very old" bicycle tubes from the past...I probably should start collecting them now, because I feel like tubes won't be around much longer. Or maybe I'll just own a small pizza business with David and I'll be making our pizza peels and utensils myself!     

By 2045, maybe cyclocross will be at the Olympics? Maybe I will have been to the Olympics? Who knows! Hopefully, I'll have a good cycling career and enjoy this awesome lifestyle for as long as I can. This may also not be my future, but for the purpose of my daydreaming, let's imagine I do have a career in cycling! I feel like it would help to jump-start my Martha Stewart career if I have done something exceptional!

I also hope that by that point, I will have organized the "FeverCross" race (in Prevost's awesome cx trail network where I train everyday)  and that hopefully it has become a classic on the UCI calendar.

Most of my friends and my boyfriend are older than me. Some of them will be almost 70 in 30 years. It's okay, I bet we'll be able to go on hikes together sometimes. It will be my chance to finally be faster than them at something hahah! Or maybe we'll go on fishing weekends and tell old stories while our fresh fish cooks on the fire! 

I bet I will love wine by then. Actually, if I do, I hope I will have done a sommelier class somewhere in France. Plus, I will know how to use the term "quaffable". 

Hopefully, I'll still like camping. There are a lot of places in the World that I'd like to visit (and camp at) and I feel like 52 years old will probably be my travelling and camping prime time ! Or maybe I'll need to wait until I'm 60. You know, that age where it all comes together; when you have time, energy and ressources. Don't get me wrong, 22 is pretty amazing and I would never skip the next 30 years of my life and jump straight to 60, but I imagine 60 as the age to do whatever you feel like. 

We'll have a small farm; a big garden with tons of cool crops and hopefully, our own wheat variety that I will mill myself and use to make bread with The Good Ol' Rochette/Gagnon Family sourdough starter (that we actually started yesterday!). 

Maybe Taylor Swift will have a song called 53 (after the great success of 22 in 2014) and be the new Madonna. I hope books will still exist. I'm pretty confident that the Labarr guitars will be legendary by then. 

Hopefully, there will still be un-habited forests and trails. Who knows, there might even be a very small chance that double beds will have made their way to Europe! Maybe planes will run on a different and more eco-friendly fuel?

I truly hope we don't get invaded by robots. I also imagine that our soils will be a lot healthier by then, because we'll be growing food in a less industrial way.

In 2045, my kids probably won't know what tuna is, but hopefully their extinction will have helped us realize that we needed to change the way we exploited our ressources.

What are bikes going to look like? What will come after the wifi electronic shifting? 

I hope that my sister's business will have franchises all around the world. 

Maybe David will open a bakery and be a renown old coach and will have written a book?

Do you think that by then a big company will produce and sell my CXFever pimento t-shirts? 

Maybe Nike will want to spread the fever? 

Maybe Nike will want to spread the fever? 

To be honest, I have no idea what 2045 will be like, but it's fun to try and imagine how everything I do today will affect the future! There are so many things I want to do, yet I have no idea what I'll be able to accomplish.

It will be fun to see what the future brings, but for now, I guess I should focus on getting ready for cyclocross Nationals this weekend, because focusing on the present is really all I can do for now. 

In the end, I guess I'd rather not know what will happen. But I'll save that text, and if computers still exist in 2045, it will be fun to see how much of this turned out to be true, just like today we can evaluate what aspects of Robert Zemeckis' (author of Back to the Future) vision came true! 

Panda will be the first flying car

Panda will be the first flying car

2045 Maybelline comercial 

2045 Maybelline comercial 

This will be the new riding fashion

This will be the new riding fashion