New team : Specialized/Feedback Sports

New team name. New Fever Alert. New branding. New colors. New partners. WHAAAAAA SO MANY NEWS!!!

It's been a very good summer and David and I worked hard to build a strong program for the upcoming cyclocross season. We have been blessed by the support we received, and we are very excited to share with you all the partners that will accompany us though this season.

First of all, we are thrilled that Specialized is coming back with us as a title sponsor. It has now been a year since we started working with Specialized and we have been mind blown by the quality of the bikes products (helmet/shoes/etc.) that they have been providing us. It's been very pleasant working with them because they truly strive to be the best, they are constantly innovating, and they are extremely supportive.

As an athlete, this is extremely motivating because I truly feel like I am riding the best available products, and I feel supported whether we are winning or struggling.

Through the season, I'll be riding the Specialized CRUX S-Works, the Evade helmet, and the S-Works Recon shoes. I'll also be riding with their gloves and socks.

The biggest change for the season is the addition of Feedback Sports who is coming on board as a Co-Title sponsor. Feedback Sports specializes in making cycling products for maintenance, training, and storage. You have probably seen many pros warming up on their Omnium Trainer, or many mechanics using their Pro Elite work stand. In fact, as a professional cycling team, we use their products all the time, and at every stage of our preparation. Their products are essential to what we do, but they are rarely seen in the actual racing, which is why we are excited to be wearing their logo proudly this season!

If you watch the races, you may also find David in the pits sporting Feedback Sports logos and using their tools!

Above all, the team at Feedback Sports have a stronger CX Fever than most people I have ever encountered (the owners are actually very strong cx racers!). I believe their enthusiasm and passion will give us a lot of energy and momentum during the season. I also know that most of the employees at Feedback Sports will be watching the races, and I feel like knowing that will be extra motivation for me when I line up to race!


Other partners

Many partners are coming back this year, and some are new addition. 

  • Roval: This year, we will be running the Roval CLX50 Tubular wheels through the CX season. We will have 12 sets of tubular wheels for the whole season, and I'll also carry a set of CLX50 Rapide Tubeless wheels for training and warm up on the trainer.

  • SRAM: All my CX bikes will be equipped with the new SRAM Red AXS E-Tap groups. I'll be running a 38T or 40T chain ring, with a 12 speed cassette. I'll also be running Zipp bars and stem, as well as the Quarq power Meter.

  • Challenge Tires: Here's what our tubular set up will be: 2 wheelsets with Grifo, 3 Chicane, 3 Baby Limus, and 4 Limus.

  • Sportful: Our cycling clothes will be made by Sportful and we will also be wearing casual clothing from Karpos. 

  • Boréale: Post race celebration will be a courtesy of Boréale Beer. Boréale is a local brewery in Quebec and we are excited for this new partnership (you should be too - maybe you'll get beer from us!)

  • Nord: All the winter indoor training will be done at the Powerwatts Nord Training Studio at home in Quebec! 

  • EVOC: Bags, duffle bags, hydration packs, luggage, travel cases, wheel bags...Comfort in our travels will be made possible by EVOC!

  • Lizard Skins: I'll be running Lizard Skins bar tape on all my bikes. Depending on the time of the season (and thickness of the gloves) I'll be changing between the 2.5mm DSP and 1.8mm DSP bar tape.

  • XPedo: Flawless clipping in and out of the pedals will be possible because of XPedo this year. I'll be riding with the CXR Pro Pedals.

  • Muc-Off: Bikes will be cleaned by Muc-Off products (and David!) using their Clean, Protect, & Lube formula.

  • Horst Engineering: Having traction while running in the mud will be possible because of Horst Cross Spikes.

  • CLIF Bar: Snacks and fuel will be provided by CLIF Bar.

  • Partenaire-Conseils: Will be offering support on all fronts!

  • SGC: Will also be offering all kinds of support!

  • Restaurants ZIBO! : Post race meal, or pre-training block meeting will happen at ZIBO! restaurants in Quebec.

  • Oakley: Eyes will be protected and style will be given thanks to Oakley!