Change - New Cycling Team

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Change is hard. But it can also bring new and exciting opportunities that will allow you to grow.

After being on the CLIF Pro Team for 5 years, I have decided to leave the team to start my own cyclocross project; CX Fever Racing Team Powered by Specialized.  

A part of me is super excited about this opportunity, while another part of me is sad about leaving the team.

It’s no secret; I love the CLIF Pro Team. I love everyone on this team, I love the structure, I love the sponsors, and the 5 years I spent on this team were the best of my life. 

Quite frankly, I feel like I’ve grown up with this team. I got on the team when I was a 19 years old girl who had raced mountain bikes for 1 season and who didn’t speak very good English. I’m now a 25 years old woman, I’ve been teammate with some of the best cyclists in the world (who also happen to be very cool and mature woman who taught me much about life), we’ve raced MTB and CX all over the world, and my English is still not awesome, but it is much better.

We’ve had euphoric and devastating moments together, and all these moments brought us closer. I was always proud to call these people my teammates, but 5 years later, I’m even prouder to call them my friends.

I owe everyone involved in the CLIF Pro Team an enormous thank you, from the very bottom of my heart. It's been an incredible ride! 

New Team

You may be wondering, "why change team if you loved your team so much?" 

Fair question. 

The simple answer is that I have the cyclocross fever and it became too big to contain. 

I invite you to read the text below to know more about my decision and about the people & companies who are part of this new journey. 

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The chickens seem to love the bike just as much as I do! 

The chickens seem to love the bike just as much as I do! 

I'm excited to share the Fever with you at these events in the next month! 


8-9 - Rochester CX, NY USA 
19 - Cross Reno, Reno USA
21-23 - World Cup #1/Trek Cup -Wisconsin
28-30 - World Cup #2/Jingle Cross, Iowa

Thanks for the support :) 

- Maghalie