CX Fever Gift Guide

I almost can’t believe it. We are already in December and Christmas is only a month away! It’s crazy how time goes by quickly when you are doing fun things.

Although I believe Christmas is mainly a holiday to eat delicious food, cook fun recipes, play in the snow, and spend some good time with our loved ones, I still think sometimes it’s fun to exchange a few presents. However, I don’t believe in buying something just for the sake of buying something… But if you find something that can really make someone happy, something that can be fun and useful for them, then I think it’s a terrific idea!

Here are a few of my favorite things, that I hope will help you find a nice and meaningful gift for the person who has the Cyclocross Fever in your life. I have made 4 categories to make it easier for you…

  • The Traveller/Adventurer

  • The Performance seeker

  • The Dedicated CX Fan

  • The “I simply love to ride” er

  • Stocking Stuffers

Happy Holidays to everyone :)

**P.S Please note that some companies mentioned in this article sponsor me. Some don’t, however. Which means that I absolutely mean everything I said in there. I truly believe in all the products I’ve mention in this article.


- The Traveller/adventurer -


Literally, with that bag, it takes less than 10 mins to pack your bike and it is so easy to haul around in the airport.


Reusable Bowls, Mugs and Utensils

This collapsible bowl is the best for travelling. Paired with a set of wooden utensils and a nice travelling mug, you’ll be set and you’ll do your little part to save the planet from tons of plastic waste :)


All the tools you need for travelling, all wrapped up in a nice little mallet :)


If you like riding for a few hours and want to make sure you have enough water and snacks, without breaking your back under the weight of a huge pack? This may be your new best friend.

Technically, this has nothing to do with cycling.But I have yet to find a better, more convenient bag for travelling, so I feel like it would be mean not to share. All the pockets you need, none that you don’t need. You will beat all your friends at the airport security!

- The performance seeker -


This is the simplest trainer ever, and in my opinion, the best. You can set it up, or pack it out in less than a minute without even trying to be fast. It packs in a small bag so you can travel with it and carry it everywhere. “Over-Drive” means there is progressive resistance, allowing you to do the easiest, or the hardest of workouts.


If you like performance, one of the best tool to measure your progress is a power meter. This one is great because it is accurate, light, ad very easy to calibrate.


If you are a dedicated cyclocross racer and are looking for something to improve, tubulars are the one thing that can make the biggest difference. It will allow you to run a lower pressure and have much more traction. If you only have one set of tubulars, I would suggest having the LIMUS, because it’s in the mud that tubulars will make the biggest difference.

If you get tubulars, make sure you glue them properly! You can read here an easy step by step method.


I think this is a really cool and useful gift to offer someone who likes cyclocross. On muddy days, having some spikes on your shoes can be a game changer. I’m convinced this one will surprise your loved one and make him/her very happy.


This is where I train when I am at home in the winter. World Class training facilities, great coaches and a very fun vibe. Email them to get a free trial and I promise you will enjoy it, and possibly find a new family for training :)

-the “I simply love to ride” er-


You may just enjoy riding, but you still need to be covered if you flat. Saddle bags usually break all the time, but I promise, this one is THA BOMB!


This is the smartest thing I’ve ever seen. Basically, you are buying peace of mind and security. This helmet not only keeps your head safe, but keeps your family knowing if something happens. The technology comes in MTB or Road helmets.


Gravel Tires

Because long rides are so much more fun when you take the path less travelled…and because the path less travelled is so much more fun when you have the right tires for it :)

download (1).jpeg

The single most important thing to enjoy your ride is being comfortable, and that starts with the saddle. Man or woman, this saddle will make everyone happy. The rider will have never been so comfortable, the significant other will be happy that his/her loved one’s genitals are in great shape…There is no doubt, this is a crowd pleaser!

More seriously though, the best saddle I’ve ever had. I feel like it allows me to shift my pelvis a little bit when I sit, giving me more power on the pedals. There is literally no pressure on the Va-gay-gay… David says it’s the same for him: no pressure on his man’s parts.


It is pretty, it is comfortable, it is high quality, it is fun… Your loved one may not often buy a nice piece of cycling clothing for themselves, but I guarantee they secretly want one. Make them happy with a nice piece of Tenspeed Hero clothing.


Those were definitely THE glasses of the cyclocross season. This Prizm Low Light lens is really good for pretty much all conditions, except when it’s extremely sunny.

-the dedicated fan -


If your significant other likes watching races, this is the way to go! It will allow your cyclocross lover to watch all the cyclocross (and road) races throughout the year! Their coverage is great.


The ultimate photo book about cyclocross. Really beautiful photographs about each cyclocross seasons, and some little stories. It is a really, really cool book, and the photographer is also awesome!


This is not a cyclocross dedicated book, but I have it and I think it is a really cool cookbook. It has interesting cycling related stories and the recipes are delicious and easy to make. I think this is a nice gift.


Another cool cookbook. Fun recipes and interesting content and information about cycling!


Another great photo book by a very nice photographer named Daghan Perker. This one features hundreds of beautiful and very artistic pictures, illustrating the 2017-18 cyclocross season in the USA. Another super cool book for your coffee table :)

-STocking stuffers-


This bar is my personal favorite, but really, they are all delicious. If your loved ones like playing outside, they will surely enjoy receiving some CLIF Products. If they race and train a lot, some BLOKS and Gels may also be a good idea!


This warm up cream is really useful for cold races. You apply it on your legs to keep them warm. If you offer this to someone, make sure to let them know they need to put their shorts on and apply their eye contacts on BEFORE applying the cream! ;)


This is a fun gift! People won’t really do it, but you do need to change the bar tape on your bikes sometimes. If you’re going to change it, might as well use the best one. Lizard Skins tape is ideal for cross because it is really grippy. Also, they make really fun colours, so it’s the perfect occasion to add some punch to your bike!


Registration for a race

That is always a nice gift! Registration for a stage race, a cyclocross race, or a gravel race, an event is always really fun, because it gives you a goal to work towards!


Who doesn’t like socks!? The one item that allows you to express you personality when you are riding! Tenspeed Hero makes a lot of really fun socks. You will certainly find one that makes you think of your loved one.


David and I go every year. The festival comes in almost every city, and they showcase the year’s best mountain/adventure films. It is really fun and the stories are super inspiring. I think you will really enjoy it. Check out when they come to your town and grab some tickets :)


CLIF Bar doesn’t only make bars…they also have a winery, they make their own olive oil and other artisan food products. I’ve been to the place wear they grow everything; it is beautiful, fun, and all organic! This can make a beautiful gift, with a touch of cycling :)


If your significant other owns a cycling computer, or a riding camera, they will surely be happy to receive a mount from K-Edge. They are light, and they allow you to clamp your computer/camera safely and see the screen of the computer a lot better.