Clif Pro Team Gift Guide

CLIF Pro Team Gift Guide 2016

With a little less than a month to go before Christmas, we asked everyone on the team what his or her favourite product was. Without further ado, here are some gift ideas for the cyclist or adventurer in your life!

Although we think these items would make for amazing presents, we still believe that inviting your loved ones to join you on an outdoor adventure would be the best gift ever! 

Happy Holidays to everyone! :) 

- From the whole Clif Pro Team family 


Katerina nash

  • “ There are those days when you just want to leave your fancy athletic helmet behind and bring on some city style. You still have to wear a helmet because safety is very important and you don’t want to want to get hurt or be a bad influence for any kids along the way. So here is my favorite helmet to put on while heading out on my cruiser to run errands or to a coffee shop.”
  • “ To complete your look you can pair it up with these Oakley glasses.”
Katerina always has some style... You can't go wrong with her fashion advice!

Katerina always has some style... You can't go wrong with her fashion advice!

Catharine pendrel:

  • “Look good. Feel good. La DND gloves are my favorite. Comfortable and great in a wide range of temperature conditions, these gloves hold up to a lot of trail time.”

Maghalie rochette:

  • When I get my CamelBak out, it means that I’m in for a fun adventure ride. Just seeing it makes me excited for what’s to come. It is not fun to be starving or to worry about food and equipment when you are out on the trail. That’s why you need a CamelBak Pack. This one is comfortable, spacious and light… My boyfriend prefers the L.U.X.E one because it is a little bigger, but I like the small version.
  • I also really love the Kara Jeans from Prana. They are ideal for travelling because they look great and make you as comfortable as if you were wearing jogging pants.
We also love the bright colours of our CamelBak!

We also love the bright colours of our CamelBak!

Marla Streb:

  • "My Fox Shox always make me smile.  When riding Fox, I float at peace through time and space, and this ultimately makes me feel younger and more attractive." 

    ...Basically, I think what Marla is saying is: If you are hesitating, get a full-suspension MTB. On the team, we race with the Orbea Oiz, but we also love the Orbea Occam to bring our trail riding to the next level! 

Chris Mathis (Team Mechanic and adept enduro rider)

  • "I can't mountain bike without my Fox Transfer dropper post.  Its the most reliable, maintenance free, post on the market.  The best parts are the ease of setup and the cleanliness of the small remote."

Haley Batten:

Andrea Waldis 

  • "I really like the giro candela gloves (yellow black). They the perfect training buddy for trainings (cycling, hiking, cross country skiing) in cold conditions and winter. The colour is also really good for safety during morning or evening rides."

From the whole team:

Clif Bars: The new nut butter filled Clif Bars are amazing. They make the perfect stocking stuffer for the adventurer in your life!

Sock Guy: Everybody likes receiving a good pair of socks. With Sock Guy, you are certain to find a pair that will fit your loved one's style! You can also check out our CXFever team edition socks.  

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CXFever team edition socks - What the Clif Pro Team have been rocking all CX Season! Get yours :) 

CXFever team edition socks - What the Clif Pro Team have been rocking all CX Season! Get yours :) 

Rain Jacket. Every good cyclist or adventurer needs a rain jacket, because you never never know what mother nature will throw at you. On the team, we use two different types of rain jackets... 

  • Lombardia DWR Race Rain Jacket: We use this one when it's cold and raining a lot. The best part about it is the "butt flap" which really helps to keep you warm and keep your butt dry. It's the perfect "cyclocross pre-ride" rain jacket. 
  • Pursuit Combatto Wind Jacket: We bring this one when you leave home and you are not sur if it is going to rain during your ride. It is light, windproof, waterproof and it packs in a tiny little pocket so it is super convenient to carry on a ride. 
Maghalie rocking the Capo Lombardia rain jacket on a cold and rainy ride. Look at that butt flap!

Maghalie rocking the Capo Lombardia rain jacket on a cold and rainy ride. Look at that butt flap!

CamelBak: Personally, I think everyone on the planet needs a reusable bottle that they can carry everywhere....I don't really like buying plastic bottles. For that, the Podium bottle is always a great stocking stuffer! They are great quality bottles and the fact that they are lockable make them even better for travelling - you don't need to worry that it will squirt all over your stuff! 

Pedros: The chain pig is awesome. Always the first step when we clean our bikes to make sure our chains are clean and shiny. It is so simple to use and it works great.  

Feedback Sports: The Omnium Portable Trainer from Feedback Sports is hands down the most convenient trainer we have ever seen. You just take off your front wheel and clip your fork on it and you are good to go. The best thing is it's size; you can pack it in a small bag, it weights nothing and it doesn't take up any space. We use it all the time to travel to races for our race warm ups.

Stages: The Stages Power Meters are obviously great. They are light and work really well. It's cool because you can change them easily from one bike to another and they are very precise. On the team, we are lucky to be using them on our mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes and road bikes. We have them for training as well as for racing and it is a great tool to measure your fitness, measure the needs of a race or to put more structure in your training plan. 

Garmin Computers:

  • On the team, we like the Edge 520 for racing because it is smaller and lighter and gives you all the info you need.
  • However, when out on long training rides, we like using the Garmin Edge 1000 because you can map rides in it and it will tell you where to go at every corner. It is amazing for adventure rides - especially because the software can see many trails and a lot of small dirt roads. Also great when travelling and you have no clue where you are!

Maxxis: Maybe a set of fresh tires for your favorite cyclist? That's one gift you can be certain he/she will use at some point. On the team, the Ikon is a very popular choice. Although we also use the Pace a lot for racing. 


Happy holidays everyone! :)