What is the Cx Fever fund? 

2017 CX Fever Grant

In 2017, we offered a grant of a 1500$ financial value to an up-and-coming CX rider. The grant recipient got to come to the PanAmerican Championships with the CLIF Pro Team and become a member of the team for a weekend of racing. The goal was to share our experience and ressources with her so she can see what it's like to be on a professional CX team. 

If you want to here more about past years’ projects, you can read our stories here: 

2018 Grants

In 2018, we offered two 500$ grants to 2 Junior Racers from Canada to offset the costs of their racing seasons.

The two recipients were Paul Mysko and Mathis Boyer. Mathis (16) used the funds to travel outside of Quebec and participate in his first UCI events, whereas Paul used the funds to go to Europe with the Cyclocross Canada program and race in several Junior World Cups, as well as the World Championships.

2019 CXFever grant:

Although this has been a successful experience last year, the Fund will take a different approach this season. 

Stay tuned for our announcement coming soon :)

Thank you very much for your interest and contribution to the fund :)